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Уровень: 110
Стартовая точка: /navi sp_cor 160/55
Требования: Capturing Elyumina
Опыт: to test
Предметы: 5  Unknown Parts
1  Cor Core

The OS Mission is part of the Episode 17.1, check out the Illusion for more information.

Daily quest

  1. Speak with Operation Officer at /navi sp_cor 160/55 and choose Prepare OS Mission 2. Talk to him again to enter the instance.
  2. Walk to the left and kill all the monsters near /navi 1@os_a 207/75.
  3. Continue and kill the monsters near /navi 1@os_a 207/75.
  4. Continue and kill the monsters near /navi 1@os_a 213/131.
  5. Continue and kill the monsters near /navi 1@os_a 248/155.
  6. Continue and kill the monsters near /navi 1@os_a 219/185.
  7. Miguel will spawn. Defeat him to complete the mission.
  8. The Operation Officer is going to appear at /navi 1@os_a 187/195.
  9. You will be rewarded with 5  Unknown Parts, 1  Cor Core and some experience.


Image Name Level HP Size / Race / Element
20361.png Dolor 122 40,204 Medium / Demi-Human / Poison 2
20355.png Bellare 115 29,619 Medium / Demi-Human / Neutral 2
20365.png Twin Caput 125 41,735 Medium / Demi-Human / Shadow 2
20346.png Miguel 115 8,600,000 Medium / Demi-Human / Wind 4


Card Type Effects
Card Dolor Card Accessory Card

Increases physical damage against Demon race monsters by 5%.

Card Bellare Card Weapon Card

When compounded on Revolver, Hit + 20.
Increases Long Range Physical Damage by 5%.
Increases Long Range Physical Damage by additional 1% per refine rate.
If refine rate is 10 or higher, increases 2561.png Fire Dance damage by 15%.

Card Twin Caput Card Armor Card

DEF + 50.
Reduces physical and magical damage taken from poison property monsters by 10%.

Card Miguel Card Shoes Card

Increases critical damage by 20%.
Increases damage taken from all race monsters by 10%.

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